Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kavita Baikosaathi

तू फ़क्त हो म्हण ,
तुज्या साठी चन्द्र तारे तोडून आणीन.

तू म्हणशील तर ते परत आकाशात नेवून चिकटविन

तू फक्त हो म्हण

लग्ना नंतर कायमची बाजाराची पिशवी हातात घेइन,
तू फ़क्त हो म्हण .
तुज्या साठी कायमचा घर दार आई वडिल सोडून येइन .
मायेची कुस लाथाडून येइन
तू फ़क्त हो म्हण
तू फ़क्त हो म्हण

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Story Of Murder

Kidnapping and cool headed murder of under age girl shocked north goa last week. I do not know personely the victim but i will still write. The system followed by the murderer for daylight kidnapping of the girl and in front of law protectors cpr van is really thinkable. On one side kidnapper is saying the victim is Psycho and law protectors are accepting the same. They do not know the difference between behavior of normal and psychic person ? The victim was begging for her release from aunt and all spectators standing there were thinking that she was psychic? Are we responsible for playing role in this play of safe revenge, kidnapping and murder? Every one will say 'NO', after all its not our matter. The law will give punishment to the murderer in future that will come to know but presently victims family have lost their dreams and blossom of life. Society has lost one future builder.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome Saturday

It was a busy week with waiting rain for goenkars. At last he arrived but not in its toofani mood. So friends its saturday today and plans of trying some fresh chicken dishes in kitchen. A treasure of seafood is not available uptill 15th jul ,so will have U turn towards chicken delicacy. Though fresh poultry is costing 100 bucks per kg but it will not make big cut to pocket.
Today at my lifes kitchen I will try indo chineese chilli chicken. After long research at Sanjay thumma's and sanjay kapoors . I have prepared for nice saturday with help of this two. So guys have a nice week end to you all Enjoy Monsoon of Goa.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Hour At Goan Bus Stand

"Panaji Direct Direct" this dialogue can be shouted in unlimited different styles at Mapusa city KTC bus stand. There are so many private bus operators plying on Mapusa Panaji route on daily basis. Each bus is controlled by one driver and one conductor cum cleaner. Today I was at Mapusa Bus stand in evening for sending my parcel of medicnes to my native village . The concerned bus was late so i enjoyed one hour being there. You know these poor guys are very faithful can act as a courier source for sending parcel. Give them a note of 10 or 20 , they surely delivered your parcel to respected place. From every corner of the bus terminus you can hear sounds like ponje ponje, khorli khorli, dodamarg, sankhale, bichole in different styles. You will find different types and models of buses are taking reverse and forward directions to their destinations. You will get a taste of co operation , faith and reliability and exchange of bad words as tadka here. Small exchange of bad words are necessary for this business. Otherwise there is possibility of other bus operator might steal your time of getting passengers. This little quarrels are for time being , next time you will find deep friendship. You will find blooming love here also with touch of love brakes , departure of love ones saying call me ,send mail. At one corner you can find paid love for time being, a smell of pakoras, batata wada of canteen. A group of beggars can disturb you . A chirimiri collecting Khaki is also visible here. After all they are the governing controls of this system. At the end my desired bus came I paid some 20 bucks for delivery of my parcel to conductor for assurance of delivery and I walked down to parking lot with some splashes of nice black brown mud on my trouser.

Rain And Goenkars

Though Monsoon is not picking up its mood of showering loads of water here at goa, Goenkars are in party mood todays with some onion pakoras and hot tea.
Last week whole goa enjoyed sao jao alias sanjao festival with little fenni and sweet sannas. Now its time for some rock crabs and sweet water fish like paalu and shevtaale. The amot tickh of fish like Thigurs is rare now as they are not available easily. Garam masala curry of crabs with hot brown rice gives water to my tongue and why not every one at goa will love to have it. Another mouth watering dish of rainy days is plain curry( Sovrak) with rice and dry mac rel fish fried in coconut oil or with macrel kismur ( Bangadyachi Kismur). Rather I will suggest that every coming to goa must enjoy these dishes once in life. If god says to me why you like another birth as a human being I will answer for being a goenkar and for eating Macrel Kismur. Really thanks to our veteran goenkars for this awesome monsoon dish.
Bye and shabba kher with my onion pakoras enjoy rain.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its true after having look at TV ad that a mango fan is begging for a fruit from his mango tree, meanwhile his son brings him famous mango drink and sudden twist in story that man turns to be a mango drink lover.
The same condition will be of all fellow mango lovers in coming years. The crop being less and cost of single fruit is out of reach of common people. I just had a survey of Mapusa fruit market. The number of mango fruits is less available. The price vary from Rs 650 to Rs 350 per dozen. With tense mind and having big cut to my pocket, I purchased half dozen small potato shaped fruits for 100 Rs. The famous 'AAMLECHE SAANSAV'( mango raita) dish from goa is also turns to unaffordable . The small mangoes required for this dish are about 90-100Rs per dozen.
Dear friends what I mean to say that after another 10-15days the mango season will over and for about 60% goemkars to taste the king of fruit will be a nightmare. Further I will like to add 'If initiative steps to increase the mango crop in future is not taken then the TV ad will be like this , holding a flavoured mango drink bottle in hand a teacher is showing a picture catalogue to students and says "this is dinosaur which vanished few thousand years back and this is mango which is vanished some 10-20years back."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

पत्रादेवी ते पोळे महामार्ग आता फोर लेन होणार हे नक्कीच, पण कधी । त्या मुळे होणारे अपघात थांबतील का । की सुसाट वेगाची नशा अनेकांचे प्राण घेइल । ही माझया मनाची शंका। मी पण एक प्रवासी याच रस्त्याचा । पण मला नेहमीच वाटते माझा मनावर कंट्रोल आहे , पण समोरचा चुकला तर मग आली पंचाइत।एक तर हॉस्पिटल नाहीतर ढगात। मागच्या पंधरा दिवसातली घटना सकाळी ऑफिस ला येताना समोर अपघात झालेला, बॉडी रस्त्यावर रक्ताच्या थारोळयात पडलेली। मनात अनेक विचार " कोण असेल तो? मित्राने सांगितले "अरे तो क्रोसींग कड़े असणारा वेडा तो चिरड़ला।" कामाच्या लोड मध्ये या गोष्टीचा विसर पडला । संध्याकाळी वापस घरी जाताना समोर तेच रक्ताचे थारोळे किंचित सुकलेले पण बॉडी नेलेली । परत मनात विचार अणि रूम वर आगमन । चेहरा पडलेला पाहून बायको ने चौकशी केली आणि माझया कडून रिपोर्ट घेतला । वर तीचं उत्तर " सुटला बिचारा या जगातून । तुम्ही टेंशन घेऊ नका उद्दया आपली गाडी धुवून घ्या , चाकाना रक्त लागलं असेल । परत मी विचारात "अरे आपण च याला जबाबदार कारण आपला कुणी असला तर हळहळ आणि दुःख जर बेवारस असला तर दुर्लक्ष।